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          He initiates and leads many jazz encounters.

All these meetings and experiences, creative and participatory, bring him to rub shoulders with the ONPL (Orchester des pays de La Loire) around the music of Duke Ellington; Pierrick Menuau for the creation of the Superlateef sextet, tribute to Yusef Lateef; Valéry Haumont for a tribute to John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman; trumpeter Eric Le Lann with the Playtime quintet; Jean-Patrick Cosset on the Mix City “Nola's Mood” project; Ethiopian singer Mahmoud Ahmed in Badume's band; and many jazz musicians like Georges Brown, Ricky Ford, Jean "Popof" Chevalier, Steve Potts, Luigi Grasso, Simon Goubert, Emmanuel Bex ...

         For several years within Nantes collectives such as 1name4acrew, Spatule, Coluniamusic, Court-circuit, Pure Capture or even Cie Frasques with the trio (Un) Sung, the Frasques orchestra as well as in the Hoarse quartet with the drummer Arnaud Lechantre, the bassist Fred Chiffoleau and the pianist Guillaume Hazebrouck.

         Since 2016, he joined and participated in the creation of the group Nant / Co of Korean musicians E 'Joun-Ju and Cho Joo-Seon, of the formation "Three Tenors for Emmanuel Bex and Simon Goubert" with Pierrick Menuau and François Ripoche, as well than EOG, The Big Room, Short Fuse, Jazz Sentence, Florian Chaigne Quartet ... and participation in the “The Artist” cine-concert with the ONPL.

selective discography:

• "The great music" The Little Rabbits 2000 Barclay • ATOMIK CIRCUS 2001 Barclay
• “Addis Kan” Badume's band 2007 Innacor records
• Ethiopiques live! 2008 Jack Fébus Films

• CINEMAN 2010 Pathé distribution
• “Nola's Mood” Mix city 2012 Yotanka
• “Order Disorder” Oblik 2014 Ormo records
• “Happy Camper” Hoarse 2017 YOLK records

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