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The Big Room

                                         Pierre-yves MEREL tenor sax

                                         Sylvain DIDOU double bass

                                         Florian CHAIGNE drums

         ...freedom of expression ... Extend the base of traditional jazz conventions to create openness and spontaneity, to discover new horizons.

Three personalities who form by their various influences a solid assembly of convictions and musical poems.

     Paul Motian, Tony Malaby, Tom Riney, Krzysztof Komeda, Ornette Coleman or even The Thing marked among many others the three protagonists of this project.

                                                                   Lively, passionate, demanding, relentless, unfettered music ...

Three Tenors for Bex and Goubert

                                Pierrick MENUAU tenor sax

                                   Pierre-yves MEREL tenor sax

                                      François RIPOCHE tenor sax

                                         Emmanuel BEX Hammond organ

                                           Simon GOUBERT drums

     The place occupied by the tenor saxophone in the history of jazz is a good illustration of its preponderance in improvised musical expression. The protagonists are numerous and their unparalleled genius ... Coleman Hawkins, Stan Getz, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Michael Brecker ... the list is long and many have remained in oblivion.

      It is from this history that the three tenor saxophonists, Pierrick Menuau, Francois Ripoche and Pierre-Yves Merel, were inspired.

Three different personalities, three identified timbres and three crossed phrasings which create a strong cohesion and an obvious interaction.

     These three musicians have already shared a few adventures with drummer Simon Goubert and organist Emmanuel Bex and know that they will not be too much to rub shoulders with this incredible rhythm.

     The strength, inspiration and musicality of each of these two remarkable musicians are powerful and their fusion can become ... nuclear.


Pierre-yves MEREL tenor sax

Guillaume HAZEBROUCK piano, Fender Rhodes

Fred CHIFFOLEAU double bass

Arnaud LECHANTRE drums

As much as the attention paid to spontaneous interaction, Hoarse dedicates himself to original, “tailor made” writings, crossing languages and influences while generously embracing the heritage of jazz. Among other inspirations, we can cite the worlds of composers Henry Threadgill, for his musical syncretism, and Ralph Alessi for his thrifty and suggestive writing.

For each piece, a specific sound and rhythmic treatment is developed, opening the repertoire to a wide variety of climates, as suggested by the titles of certain pieces Ombrage, TVSnow, Clinch, Raskolnikov, Turner… Hoarse sculpts a rocky and raw universe out of jazz. . Elliptical writings, ambivalent melodies, are the starting point for improvised developments combining lyricism and abstraction. Over singular themes, the quartet unveils a clean, rough and sometimes spectral poetry.

Happy camperGuillaume HAZEBROUCK
00:00 / 03:27
Mary LinePierre-yves MEREL
00:00 / 04:39
00:00 / 05:08


                 Cyril TROCHU piano

         Pierre-yves MEREL tenor sax

             René BERANGER drums

         The group Short Fuse is structured for almost the entire repertoire around the original compositions of the pianist-accordionist Cyril Trochu, who has been roaming the stages of the department for several years already ...

     Even if we can perceive the shadow of John Coltrane hovering above these three musicians, the influences of the multi-faceted pianist remain very diverse, ranging from Free jazz to jazz-rock: Cecil Taylor, Soft Machine, Fred Frith ...

                              Welcome aboard their space shuttle, and essential instructions, do not forget to hang your seatbelts ...

00:00 / 06:32


                                             Valéry HAUMONT chant,batterie

                                               Pierre-yves MEREL tenor sax

                                      Guillaume HAZEBROUCK Fender Rhodes

                                                   Simon MARY double bass

         Four-headed Jazz Santa ...

invites you to dive into the magical world of "American Christmas Songs" ...

         The memory of Franck Sinatra..Cole Porter..Irving Berlin and Mel Torme ..

And yes it's Christmas! ...

pochette Christmas in jazz.jpg


                 Cyril TROCHU piano

         Pierre-yves MEREL tenor sax

             René BERANGER drums

             Réunis par une passion commune pour la musique de Thelonious Monk, ce répertoire a servi de premier terrain de jeu.

Aujourd’hui,sans esprit de revivalisme,ils s’approprient des. musiques de tous horizons jazzistiques avec pour seul impératif le plaisir de l’échange. 

            Ainsi de certaines pièces de la compositrice Mary Lou Williams,du pianiste Fred Hersch,de certains standards méconnus ou de compositions originales,ils explorent peu à peu les divers modes de jeux et combinaisons qu’offre cette formule minimale aux accents tantôt intimistes,tantôt ludiques.

duo Merel-Hazebrouck.jpg

© 2021 by Py MEREL

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